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Archives for May 2014

Changes in the Attorney Grievance Commission

Attorneys are known for and relied upon to keep their clients within the confines of the law and ethically balanced while guiding them toward the best possible outcome in difficult situations. But who keeps the… Read More >

Global News Impacts Michigan: Chinese Economic growth, environmental issues and the Role of Cars

Observing the scope and pace of Chinese economic growth is fascinating for many Westerners, economists, business people and just interested Sinophiles. China is sui generis in so many ways: its size, its population, its “managed”… Read More >

Real Estate Investments and Succession Issues

“The best time to plan for a future transition is before a family is forced to make a decision out of necessity,”  says a May 15, 2014 article published by Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions…. Read More >

Coming To America … foreign businesses establishing business operations in the USA

When asked by a foreign client for assistance in establishing business operations in the USA, a lawyer’s task is more complex than it would otherwise be for a domestic client.  There are numerous issues that… Read More >

Legal Implications of Crowd Funding

Crowd funding has risen to prominence as a solution in creative financing. But what seemed like a simple process has been complicated through recent rulings of the SEC.  The SEC has limited social media as… Read More >