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Archives for October 2014

During Voting Season Don’t Step on the Line Between Church and State

It is critical for religious institutions to hew closely to the laws regarding what they can and cannot do in the political arena. Missteps in this regard could jeopardize a church, synagogue or mosque’s non-profit… Read More >

Walking the Line: Corporate Healthy Lifestyle Incentives, the ACA and the ADA

Businesses continue to offer health care benefits to their employees, firstly out of corporate culture tradition, and now in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As corporate financial officers review the costs… Read More >

Getting a Read on Commercial Real Estate Trends

The real estate markets have traditionally had peaks and valleys and the last ten years have been marked with tremendous volatility. Commercial real estate is a nuanced field. The prime properties in high market value… Read More >

Dawda Mann Attorney Dana Glencer to be President-Elect of CREW Detroit

Dana Kreis Glencer, Member, Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler, PLC, has just been elected the President-Elect of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Detroit. CREW Detroit is a founding chapter of Commercial Real Estate Women Network,… Read More >

Salary Secrecy and the Law

Many corporations and even small businesses admonish their employees not to discuss their salaries. Some employers even threaten sanctions, including firing, for those who discuss their salaries with other employees. What rights do employees have in… Read More >