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Archives for December 2014

A Guide to the IRS Social Media Tools

The Internal Revenue Service is trying to stay current by utilizing social media. The reason: to inculcate improved customer service and to aid in increased tax compliance. Taxpayers can tap into these messages and act… Read More >

Last Minute Charitable Giving

As 2014 draws to a close, you can still squeak in some last-minute charitable giving, just in time to be able to deduct them on your 2014 income tax return. Charitable giving tax deductions are… Read More >

Best Practices for Preventing Boorish Behavior at the Holiday Party

Are you planning an office holiday party? Office parties are a great way to reward employees, create collegial bonding and boost morale. But office parties can also create unintended consequences when employees and employers aren’t… Read More >

Drones, Real Estate and the Law

Drones have been in the news on the military front. But drones are being used at home in decidedly non-military ways. Many businesses are finding economically feasible uses for small drones. The problem these business… Read More >