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Archives for March 2015

Funerals and Tax Forms: Estate Planning Issues for Surviving Spouses

Going through the grief process is not the only difficult work that has to be done after the death of a spouse. Indeed, following this significant loss, handling the estate becomes a new high priority… Read More >

Michigan Business Courts: A New Approach to Litigation

Business litigation is changing in Michigan. Public Act 333 officially requires Michigan circuit courts that have three or more judges to establish specialized business court dockets. Those courts with less than three circuit judges may… Read More >

Don’t Let Your Drafting be Drafty

In my experience most attorneys fancy themselves as capable, even good, writers. Sadly, in my experience, many of them are wrong (or, at least, they don’t have or don’t spend the time necessary for their… Read More >

Real Property Tax Appeals: What You Need to Know

Municipalities are sending out notices of real property tax assessments for 2015. For residential properties, there are very tight time frames for appeals to your local Board of Review (usually set forth in the notice… Read More >

Does Law School Need to Change?

Are there changes afoot in law school education? Most assuredly. Law school enrollment is down dramatically. Administrators of law schools and firms that recruit a large number of the newly minted graduates, as well as… Read More >