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Archives for July 2015

Trying to Predict the Future of Real Estate

Like all economic predictions, there are no crystal balls; indeed, the future is always somewhat opaque, even in the case of real estate. But economists, business professionals and real estate professionals are circling around if… Read More >

Handling Pregnant Employees with “Kid Gloves”

Pregnant employees are often just like other employees: willing and able to be productive and happy to be employed now and in the future. Nevertheless, accommodating the needs of pregnant employees can be tricky. Employers… Read More >

Employee vs. Contractor: the Uber Conundrum

The status of Uber drivers is shaking up definitions of employees versus contractors. If you haven’t hired a driver from Uber (or their biggest American competitor Lyft), you are likely older, more suburban, or possibly… Read More >

Changes in Tax & Estate Law as a result of the Supreme Court Marriage Equality Decision

Following the US Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, Same Sex Married Couples have new options and pitfalls when it relates to taxes and estate planning. Tax Filing Status: Any couple who has been married… Read More >