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Archives for December 2015

Things Change and Things Stay the Same….Taxes in 2016:

While we don’t know the full impact of every last word of the Congressional budget, we have already been informed of several aspects of tax law that will change in 2016 and many things that… Read More >

IRS Scores a Win with Form 1023-EZ

Last summer, the Internal Revenue Service rolled out a new form, called 1023-EZ. Form 1023-EZ is a simplified, electronic application for non-profit tax exemption from federal income tax. The form was designed to be used… Read More >

Preparing for Mediation: What Clients Should Know and Do

As I discussed in previous blogs (see the links below), very few cases make it to trial anymore. Instead, there has been a marked shift in the past twenty years to facilitate settlement through Alternative… Read More >

EBITDA: I Can’t Even Say It, Let Alone Understand It

EBITDA is a six letter acronym, bandied about during contemplation and negotiation of purchases and mergers. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization. EBITDA is often the gold standard by which interested parties… Read More >