Achieving Results, Exceeding Expectations


Significant Auto Industry Transaction: Dawda Mann Acts as Lead Counsel to The Suburban Collection Holdings, LLC

We are pleased to announce that on April 12, 2021, the lawyers at Dawda Mann represented The Suburban Collection Holdings, LLC, the historical leading volume auto dealer group in Michigan, and successfully completed the largest… Read More >

Recap—Canadian Auto Innovation Summit in Detroit

By Samir Mouawad On Thursday, March 22nd, Ryan Olson and I attended the Canadian Auto Innovation Summit in Detroit.  The event was a way for Canadian universities and research organizations to showcase their expertise, talent,… Read More >

Global Concerns, Local Impact: Automobile Issues in London, Delhi and Beijing

Pollution and congestion in Delhi, London and Beijing may have an impact on worldwide automobile demand and therefore production right here in Detroit. London has been limiting congestion in its center district for several years,… Read More >

Driverless Cars and their Impact on Real Estate

Driverless cars seem to be here to stay. From Google cars to other automakers’ models, there are many test models and varieties. Although there have been a few fender benders, these largely safe cars are… Read More >

Automotive News from Beyond our Borders

The automotive world is bigger than just Detroit. American cars and trucks are sold worldwide and other nations’ products compete with American ones, both here and abroad. Some global automotive news that may have an… Read More >

New Regulations from OSHA Require Immediate Attention

The Occupational  Safety & Health  Administration (OSHA) is responsible for overseeing workplace safety and compliance. OSHA has new record keeping changes that will be enacted January 1, 2015. In the past, only certain industries had… Read More >

Are auto suppliers driving Michigan’s economic rebirth?

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is still the key to driving Michigan’s economy back from the brink of the Great Recession. But it’s not just the automakers leading the charge. Michigan’s auto suppliers… Read More >

Good News for Michigan Auto Dealers

  Are you shopping for a new vehicle or looking for service at local dealerships this summer? There may be more employees there ready to help you, according to the organization representing more than 32,500… Read More >

Global News Impacts Michigan: Chinese Economic growth, environmental issues and the Role of Cars

Observing the scope and pace of Chinese economic growth is fascinating for many Westerners, economists, business people and just interested Sinophiles. China is sui generis in so many ways: its size, its population, its “managed”… Read More >