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Everything You Need to Know About Michigan Employment Arbitration Agreements

By Nina Abboud. Given the length, formality, and cost of litigation, employers are turning to arbitration to resolve disputes. Arbitration is a private process with a neutral third party as the decision maker. Employees also… Read More >

Starting a business? Follow these steps to protect your trademarks

By Brian Considine. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, a company’s name, branding elements and unique products/services are what distinguish it from thousands of other competing businesses. These trademarks and service marks can have enormous value for… Read More >

Navigating an Anti-Modification and Anti-Waiver Contract

By John Mucha. Setting the stage: You are about to enter into a contract and want to make sure the other party, in a year or two, does not attempt to claim that the terms… Read More >

Retail Real Estate Law Experts Dawda Mann Attending RECon

It’s a deal. We’re hoping to hear those words quite a bit this week at the RECon, presented by the International Council of Shopping Centers, in Las Vegas. But any retail real estate professional also… Read More >

What’s Mine Might Be, Legally, Yours

By: Erin Bowen Welch In its March 19, 2018 unanimous opinion, Marlette Auto Wash, LLC v Van Dyke SC Properties, LLC, the Michigan Supreme Court affirmed certain principles of Michigan case law regarding adverse possession… Read More >

Goodbye, Yellow Taxi

San Francisco is a town where people need rides. Between the population density on the island, the somewhat low per capita car ownership and the ubiquitous hills, hailing cabs has been a part of the… Read More >

Making a Decision about a Merger or Acquisition: What You Should Consider

Many times business owners are presented with an opportunity that can be fraught with wrong moves: whether to merge or acquire another business. Sometimes the business is a competitor and merging seems like a great… Read More >

EBITDA: I Can’t Even Say It, Let Alone Understand It

EBITDA is a six letter acronym, bandied about during contemplation and negotiation of purchases and mergers. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization. EBITDA is often the gold standard by which interested parties… Read More >

Fraud: Eating at the Bottom Line

Fraud. It can do more damage to your business’ bottom line than unexpected utility price increases and even hikes in health care costs. But while most business owners fret about upticks in prices of commodities… Read More >

Compassion and the Law: Vagrancy, Homelessness and Property Owners

The recent visit of Pope Francis to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. required a monumental effort by the cities’ leaders and rank and file in terms of preparation. Massive security details were implemented and… Read More >