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Drones, Real Estate and the Law

Drones have been in the news on the military front. But drones are being used at home in decidedly non-military ways. Many businesses are finding economically feasible uses for small drones. The problem these business… Read More >

Selling Your Business: 5 Steps to Maximizing Value

Recently, Doeren Mayhew, Harvey Hohauser & Associates, and Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler, PLC joined together to offer advice on selling one’s business. Our own Bill Rosin led the legal discussion. The breakfast roundtable offered advice… Read More >

During Voting Season Don’t Step on the Line Between Church and State

It is critical for religious institutions to hew closely to the laws regarding what they can and cannot do in the political arena. Missteps in this regard could jeopardize a church, synagogue or mosque’s non-profit… Read More >

Making Joint Ventures Work

Access to new markets and customers, leveraging of existing knowhow, and the development and exploitation of new technology: all are really good reasons to start a joint venture with that new potential business partner your… Read More >

Mountains v. Molehills

In my prior blog post, I mentioned that certain types of clients may be in need of greater assistance in separating issues that are or may be important from those that are less significant. No… Read More >

The Complicated Nature of Physical Screenings Prior to Employment

For many potential job applicants, there is a physical component to aspects of their job duties. This can be the case for people who work in shipping, manufacturing and transportation, as well as cleaning and… Read More >

Serving Fat Cats and Not so Fat Cats

One of the more interesting aspects of my job as a transactional attorney is representing different types of clients. Over our nearly 20 years we have been fortunate at Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler to… Read More >

Global News Impacts Michigan: Chinese Economic growth, environmental issues and the Role of Cars

Observing the scope and pace of Chinese economic growth is fascinating for many Westerners, economists, business people and just interested Sinophiles. China is sui generis in so many ways: its size, its population, its “managed”… Read More >

Coming To America … foreign businesses establishing business operations in the USA

When asked by a foreign client for assistance in establishing business operations in the USA, a lawyer’s task is more complex than it would otherwise be for a domestic client.  There are numerous issues that… Read More >

Legal Implications of Crowd Funding

Crowd funding has risen to prominence as a solution in creative financing. But what seemed like a simple process has been complicated through recent rulings of the SEC.  The SEC has limited social media as… Read More >