Achieving Results, Exceeding Expectations

Dawda Mann Sponsors Delegation of French Start-up Companies

Dawda Mann was the platinum sponsor of a delegation of eight innovative French start-up companies that visited Detroit and Toronto. These companies, which specialize in “Smart Factory” technology, were visiting as part of a program organized… Read More >

When that Flat in London Nearly Deflated Us: Inheritance Issues on Foreign Assets

Estate taxes can be a complicated issue, even when all of your earnings and property are solely in the United States. When you choose to purchase property abroad, and particularly if you are domiciled abroad,… Read More >

Making Joint Ventures Work

Access to new markets and customers, leveraging of existing knowhow, and the development and exploitation of new technology: all are really good reasons to start a joint venture with that new potential business partner your… Read More >

FATCA: Unintended Consequences

In 2010, Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. At the time, there was very little press coverage or debate about the so-called FATCA. First of all, it was an add-on to an employment… Read More >

Coming To America … foreign businesses establishing business operations in the USA

When asked by a foreign client for assistance in establishing business operations in the USA, a lawyer’s task is more complex than it would otherwise be for a domestic client.  There are numerous issues that… Read More >