Achieving Results, Exceeding Expectations

Goodbye, Yellow Taxi

San Francisco is a town where people need rides. Between the population density on the island, the somewhat low per capita car ownership and the ubiquitous hills, hailing cabs has been a part of the… Read More >

Preparing for Mediation: What Clients Should Know and Do

As I discussed in previous blogs (see the links below), very few cases make it to trial anymore. Instead, there has been a marked shift in the past twenty years to facilitate settlement through Alternative… Read More >

Choosing the Best Mediator for Your Case

As I discussed in a previous blog (Mediation: What Is It and When Should It Be Utilized?), very few cases go to trial. There has been a marked shift in the past twenty years to… Read More >

Fraud Alert, Part II: Prevention

Fraud can potentially cost your business a lot of money and hurt your reputation in the marketplace. In last week’s blog we discussed some of the most common fraudulent activities: check tampering, payroll tampering and… Read More >

Fraud: Eating at the Bottom Line

Fraud. It can do more damage to your business’ bottom line than unexpected utility price increases and even hikes in health care costs. But while most business owners fret about upticks in prices of commodities… Read More >

Compassion and the Law: Vagrancy, Homelessness and Property Owners

The recent visit of Pope Francis to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. required a monumental effort by the cities’ leaders and rank and file in terms of preparation. Massive security details were implemented and… Read More >

Learning from Glen Campbell and Casey Kasem: Fractured Families

Sometimes, the stories of celebrities’ troubles illustrate the most tragic, heart-wrenching aspects of modern life. This is particularly true in the lives of two legendary men: radio star Casey Kasem and country singer Glen Campbell…. Read More >

Non-Compete Agreements: What You Need to Know

Non-compete agreements continue to be used frequently in Michigan. Michigan courts regularly enforce non-compete agreements, with certain exceptions. Why do non-compete agreements exist? To ensure that employees don’t become an unfair competitive threat in the… Read More >

Litigation Mission Impossible: This Message will Self Destruct

Several new phone apps, including one underwritten by Dallas Mavericks’ owner, entrepreneur and Shark Tank regular Mark Cuban, are shaking up the world of litigation. Mark Cuban, after being charged by the SEC for insider… Read More >

Bike Night, Twin Peaks and Franchise Agreements

The recent violence at a Waco, Texas restaurant has called into question the rights and responsibilities of franchisees and franchisors. On May 15th, during a so-called “Bike Night” at the Waco Twin Peaks, an enormous… Read More >