Achieving Results, Exceeding Expectations

Mediation: What is It and When Should it be Utilized?

95% of cases settle before trial. Within the past couple of decades, there has been a huge push within the legal profession to facilitate settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mediation or facilitation (used interchangeably… Read More >

Why Should We Care about Delaware?

What’s the big deal with the state of Delaware? It’s the smallest state in the union, and it’s ranked #45 in population with under a million residents. But it’s oversize in importance to American businesses…. Read More >

New Michigan laws governing non-profit corporations

There are new laws on the books in Michigan, which may have a significant impact in the governance and operation of non-profit organizations. These laws, known as Public Acts 557, 558 and 559 of 2014… Read More >

Michigan Business Courts: A New Approach to Litigation

Business litigation is changing in Michigan. Public Act 333 officially requires Michigan circuit courts that have three or more judges to establish specialized business court dockets. Those courts with less than three circuit judges may… Read More >

Don’t Let Your Drafting be Drafty

In my experience most attorneys fancy themselves as capable, even good, writers. Sadly, in my experience, many of them are wrong (or, at least, they don’t have or don’t spend the time necessary for their… Read More >

Banking Funds Garnishment Ruling

Good news for our banking clients: We recently secured a favorable opinion when the Court of Appeals found that the placing of funds in a bank account as a trustee is not sufficient to establish… Read More >

Drones, Real Estate and the Law

Drones have been in the news on the military front. But drones are being used at home in decidedly non-military ways. Many businesses are finding economically feasible uses for small drones. The problem these business… Read More >

Serving Fat Cats and Not so Fat Cats

One of the more interesting aspects of my job as a transactional attorney is representing different types of clients. Over our nearly 20 years we have been fortunate at Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler to… Read More >