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Is America Becoming Bearish on Commercial Markets?

The signs are mixed. The prices for commercial real estate have remained stable throughout the United States, particularly in high end markets, like New York City office and apartment building prices. But the newest figures… Read More >

TRID: The 4 letter word you better understand

TRID stands for the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure. TILA is the Truth in Lending Act and RESPA is Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Both TILA and RESPA were consumer protection regulations, originally designed to protect home… Read More >

The Real Estate Road Ahead: Signs to Notice

Real estate, especially in Southeast Michigan, has been a bit of a roller coaster affair. It can be difficult to determine if the market will continue to improve or continue to run amok. Here are… Read More >

Checklist for Purchasing Commercial Property

Purchasing commercial property is a big decision. People buy for two primary reasons: in order to inhabit the building as a commercial entity or for investment purposes. Whatever the reasons, it is important to ask… Read More >

Driverless Cars and their Impact on Real Estate

Driverless cars seem to be here to stay. From Google cars to other automakers’ models, there are many test models and varieties. Although there have been a few fender benders, these largely safe cars are… Read More >

Trying to Predict the Future of Real Estate

Like all economic predictions, there are no crystal balls; indeed, the future is always somewhat opaque, even in the case of real estate. But economists, business professionals and real estate professionals are circling around if… Read More >

Commercial Landlord’s Headache: When Your Tenant Files Bankruptcy

Several large companies and small local concerns have filed bankruptcy. How does this affect their commercial leases, including their current and future rental payments? Before we give some general advice, we must provide this specific… Read More >

Protecting Your Vacant Commercial Property

Owners of vacant commercial real estate have two major issues on their hands. First, they are often interested in selling their property, if it is economically feasible. The second issue is maintaining a vacant property…. Read More >

“Main Street Fairness” Law Enacted in Michigan

Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation (to take effect October 1, 2015) designed to require online sellers of tangible goods to Michigan residents to collect the state’s sales tax, partially closing a loophole which some internet… Read More >

Drones, Real Estate and the Law

Drones have been in the news on the military front. But drones are being used at home in decidedly non-military ways. Many businesses are finding economically feasible uses for small drones. The problem these business… Read More >