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Getting a Read on Commercial Real Estate Trends

The real estate markets have traditionally had peaks and valleys and the last ten years have been marked with tremendous volatility. Commercial real estate is a nuanced field. The prime properties in high market value… Read More >

When that Flat in London Nearly Deflated Us: Inheritance Issues on Foreign Assets

Estate taxes can be a complicated issue, even when all of your earnings and property are solely in the United States. When you choose to purchase property abroad, and particularly if you are domiciled abroad,… Read More >

Bank Mergers and Mortgage Assignments

When banks voluntarily merge, which is happening a lot these days, the purchasing bank or the resultant entity must be vigilant in assigning all the mortgages or face the risk down the road if the… Read More >

Mountains v. Molehills

In my prior blog post, I mentioned that certain types of clients may be in need of greater assistance in separating issues that are or may be important from those that are less significant. No… Read More >

Serving Fat Cats and Not so Fat Cats

One of the more interesting aspects of my job as a transactional attorney is representing different types of clients. Over our nearly 20 years we have been fortunate at Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler to… Read More >