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Tax Issues for Divorced Parents with Dependent Children

Getting divorced can be a complicated process. But, the complications are not necessarily over when the judge formalizes a divorce decree. Tax season is another one of those complicated times of the year. One of… Read More >

Funerals and Tax Forms: Estate Planning Issues for Surviving Spouses

Going through the grief process is not the only difficult work that has to be done after the death of a spouse. Indeed, following this significant loss, handling the estate becomes a new high priority… Read More >

Real Property Tax Appeals: What You Need to Know

Municipalities are sending out notices of real property tax assessments for 2015. For residential properties, there are very tight time frames for appeals to your local Board of Review (usually set forth in the notice… Read More >

“Main Street Fairness” Law Enacted in Michigan

Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation (to take effect October 1, 2015) designed to require online sellers of tangible goods to Michigan residents to collect the state’s sales tax, partially closing a loophole which some internet… Read More >

Good Tax News Just Passed by Michigan Legislature for Farmers, Fisheries

The Michigan Legislature and Governor are providing healthy tax cuts to promote the expansion of indoor farming and indoor fishery industries in Michigan. The Legislature passed changes to existing property tax laws, which were signed by… Read More >

A Guide to the IRS Social Media Tools

The Internal Revenue Service is trying to stay current by utilizing social media. The reason: to inculcate improved customer service and to aid in increased tax compliance. Taxpayers can tap into these messages and act… Read More >

Last Minute Charitable Giving

As 2014 draws to a close, you can still squeak in some last-minute charitable giving, just in time to be able to deduct them on your 2014 income tax return. Charitable giving tax deductions are… Read More >

What Happens to Your Facebook Page: Another Issue of Estate Planning

A series of legislative bills (House Bills 5366-5370) are pending in the Michigan House of Representatives. The purpose of the proposed bills is to grant fiduciaries such as executors, conservators, trustees and agents under durable… Read More >

Tax Relief as a Result of the August 11, 2014 Floods

We all know how devastating the severe storms and flooding that began on August 11, 2014 were for residents in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County. Thousands of families lost valuable possessions and memories due to… Read More >

During Voting Season Don’t Step on the Line Between Church and State

It is critical for religious institutions to hew closely to the laws regarding what they can and cannot do in the political arena. Missteps in this regard could jeopardize a church, synagogue or mosque’s non-profit… Read More >