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Michigan Senate Bill May Change Solar Energy Rates

The Michigan Senate is reviewing changes that would likely increase the electric bills for producers of solar energy, changing the calculus of the state’s net energy metering (NEM) policy. The essence of the bill changes… Read More >


In our May 24, 2012 blog entry, we cautioned that Brownfield plans and related agreements may be in jeopardy.  Under the Local Governmental and School District Fiscal Accountability Act, MCL §141.1501, et seq. (the “Act”),… Read More >

Michigan’s Emergency Manager Could Rescind Brownfield Agreements

Your Brownfield reimbursement agreements may be in jeopardy.  A new concern has been raised as to whether the broad powers granted to emergency managers could be used to terminate Brownfield reimbursement agreements and render ineffective… Read More >

Tax Credits for Renewable Energy

A Mixed Bag So Far By Jeffrey D. Moss, Guest Blogger CBO’s March 2012 Report  The Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) has recently issued a report entitled “Federal Financial Support for the Development and Production of… Read More >

Incentives – Still Picking “Winners and Losers”? (Updated 2/10/12)

Governor Rick Snyder was adamant during the 2010 election campaign that Michigan would have to stop picking ‘winners and losers’ when it came to doling out governmental incentives for private businesses. Once in office, he… Read More >