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Changes to Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued proposed regulations regarding the disposal of drugs which the Agency calls “pharmaceutical hazardous waste.” The EPA has concluded that the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which was… Read More >

Keeping Aquatic Invasive Species out of Michigan

June 28 through July 4th is Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week, as declared by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Aquatic invasive species are non-native organisms that can quickly reproduce and do harm to native species in… Read More >

Water and Weed out West: Marijuana’s Impact on the Environment

Marijuana growing is not without its detractors. Some decry the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, while others are rejoicing that marijuana is now available either medically or recreationally. Opponents of marijuana legalization have included a… Read More >

The EPA Clean Water Rule: A Work in Progress

The Environmental Protection Agency has drafted and published the Clean Water Rule. The EPA has already presented it to community stakeholders and held public comment meetings. Now the Rule has been sent to the Office… Read More >

Environmental Concerns Flow From the Pacific Northwest to Michigan: Brake Pads and Pacific Salmon

Environmental concerns are rarely local anymore. This is certainly the case as regulation regarding copper residue in the Pacific Northwest impacts auto manufacturing processes in the Midwest. Copper is considered toxic to fish, particularly salmon…. Read More >

The State of Fracking in Various States

Who controls the regulation of hydraulic fracturing, known informally as “fracking”? This notion is being challenged in Michigan and other locations, too. It appears that state law is preeminent in most matters of oil and… Read More >

Following the Trail of Wolf Legislation

The state of wolves in America varies by state. Certainly, Michigan has been at the center of the fray with not one, but two ballot initiatives for voters to weigh in on this past November…. Read More >

Cranberries: Their Potential Impact on the Environment

If you just sat down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner replete with turkey and some sort of cranberry accompaniment, you might be feeling quite satisfied with your food choices. Cranberries, native to the United States,… Read More >

Keeping Invasive Species out of Michigan

Invasive species are a hot topic, here in Michigan, as well in other states. Invasive species are non-native plants and animals that enter the Michigan environment. Typically, these species are hardier than some of our… Read More >

Lake Erie and Phosphorous: Déjà vu all Over Again

Ohio lawmakers tried to legislate away the dangerous algae blooms in June of this year, but it appears it was too late. News this week of Toledo’s drinking water woes highlighted what has become an… Read More >