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Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement 2012

In 1972, United States and Canada signed the first Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA).  In September 7, 2013, forty years later GLWQA-4, was signed by Canada and the United States. This new Agreement places… Read More >

Great Lakes Week – Cleveland

Unlike other parts of the country (or the world for that matter), people living in and around the Great Lakes are very cognizant of both the unique benefits the Great Lakes bring them such as… Read More >

Vapor Intrusion Assessment – An Overview

Introduction Redevelopment of contaminated land and land adjacent to contaminated sites can be a relatively straightforward process when you work with a good environmental consultant that understands the special risks and concerns a developer faces. … Read More >

Regulatory Reform in Michigan’s Underground Storage Tank (“UST”) Program

In May 2012, a six bill package was signed into law by Governor Snyder to amend the procedures for the cleanup of contamination caused by leaking USTs.  This bill package amends Michigan’s Part 213 (Leaking… Read More >

Update on Michigan’s Groundwater Surface water Interface Criteria and Compliance

On June 20, 2012, Governor Snyder signed into law Michigan’s Senate Bill No. 1090 amending MCL 324.20120(e) of Michigan’s Part 201.  As we discussed in an earlier blog entry on April 23, 2012, many owners and… Read More >

Written Tests Required for Operators at Underground Storage Tank (“UST”) Facilities.

Pursuant to a federal mandate, Michigan has promulgated requirements that each UST facility have a Class A, Class B, and Class C operator.  Operator candidates will need to pass a written test in order to… Read More >

Interview: Regulatory Change for Michigan’s GSI Criteria

I had the opportunity to interview Gary Klepper, who has a long, prestigious career in all issues associated with environmental contamination and site remediation.  Gary had a 27-year career with the Michigan Department of Environmental… Read More >

Lead Based Paint Enforcement Alert

EPA steps up enforcement against contractors disturbing lead paint. Given a recent EPA press release, it appears that the EPA is increasing its enforcement attention on violations of the EPA’s Lead Paint Renovation, Repair and… Read More >

Reinventing Michigan’s Cleanup and Redevelopment Programs – Update

The Collaborative Stakeholder Initiative will be presenting its Final Report and Recommendations on Reinventing the State’s Cleanup and Redevelopment Program at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing on March 15, 2012.   CSI participants and… Read More >

Reinventing Michigan’s Cleanup and Redevelopment Programs

 Governor Snyder has publicly stated his administrative goals are to:  reinvent government  create more and better jobs  restore our cities  enhance our national and international image  protect our environment  solve problems through relentless, positive action… Read More >