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In our May 24, 2012 blog entry, we cautioned that Brownfield plans and related agreements may be in jeopardy.  Under the Local Governmental and School District Fiscal Accountability Act, MCL §141.1501, et seq. (the “Act”),… Read More >

Interview – An Environmental Consultant’s Perspective on Industrial Property Reuse

Today’s blog features an interview I had with Doug McDowell of McDowell & Associates regarding the increased focus on using abandoned industrial sites for business incubators in urban areas.  Although these sites are attractive to… Read More >

Re-purposing Industrial and Commercial Properties

At 8:30 am Wednesday June 6th, we’re going to try something new: we will be live blogging a breakfast round-table discussion at the Tech Shop in Dearborn. The topic of the discussion is redeveloping and… Read More >

Reinventing Michigan’s Cleanup and Redevelopment Programs

 Governor Snyder has publicly stated his administrative goals are to:  reinvent government  create more and better jobs  restore our cities  enhance our national and international image  protect our environment  solve problems through relentless, positive action… Read More >

Incentives – Still Picking “Winners and Losers”? (Updated 2/10/12)

Governor Rick Snyder was adamant during the 2010 election campaign that Michigan would have to stop picking ‘winners and losers’ when it came to doling out governmental incentives for private businesses. Once in office, he… Read More >

Brownfield Redevelopers Beware!

Due Care and Indemnification Agreements and the CERCLA BFPP Defense The last year has seen its share of unique decisions relating to CERCLA liability.  Recently I blogged about one case with ramifications for brownfield developers: … Read More >