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The Purpose of Estoppel Certificates and When to Use Them

By Kylie Bergmann. Requests for estoppel certificates can arise in many contexts during the course of a commercial real estate transaction. The most common scenario occurs when a landlord is selling or mortgaging its property… Read More >

What is the Mackinac Bridge Authority (and what does it have to do with a pipeline)?

By Sue Sadler. The Mackinac Bridge Authority is a seven-member Board that was established in the 1950s that provides oversight, legal and financial services to maintain the Mackinac Bridge. In October 2018, Governor Snyder appointed… Read More >

Michigan’s New Environmental Science Advisory Board

By Brian Considine. On October 4, 2018, Governor Snyder appointed members to the newly created Environmental Science Advisory Board. The individuals are: Kimberlee Kearfott, professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences, biomedical engineering and applied… Read More >

Everything You Need to Know About Michigan Employment Arbitration Agreements

By Nina Abboud. Given the length, formality, and cost of litigation, employers are turning to arbitration to resolve disputes. Arbitration is a private process with a neutral third party as the decision maker. Employees also… Read More >

Learning about the New Opportunity Zone Tax Incentive

By Jeffrey Moss. If you haven’t heard about the Opportunity Zone tax incentive yet, you will soon. The “Opportunity Zone” Program was created in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 with the creation… Read More >

Major Changes to Rules Governing the MDEQ

By Brian Considine. The New Gatekeepers at the MDEQ On June 28, 2018, Governor Snyder signed into law a package of bills intended to reign in the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”) which some… Read More >

Starting a business? Follow these steps to protect your trademarks

By Brian Considine. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, a company’s name, branding elements and unique products/services are what distinguish it from thousands of other competing businesses. These trademarks and service marks can have enormous value for… Read More >

Major Changes to Michigan’s Permitting Appeal Process—Part 1

By Brian Considine. On June 28 2018, Governor Snyder signed the Public Act 268 of 2018, which created a new Environmental Permit Review Commission and Environmental Review Panel. Background Prior to the Act, Michigan’s Administrative… Read More >

Navigating an Anti-Modification and Anti-Waiver Contract

By John Mucha. Setting the stage: You are about to enter into a contract and want to make sure the other party, in a year or two, does not attempt to claim that the terms… Read More >

Issues in Connection with Assignment, Subletting and Other Transfers

By Todd Schafer Lease negotiations are often long and drawn out, in part due to the myriad complex issues that a landlord and a tenant may need or want to negotiate. One issue (or, rather,… Read More >