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FBI vs. Apple and the Rights and Limits of Privacy

  Perhaps you have been watching the dance between Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ostensibly, they are fighting over one phone. But it’s much more complicated than that. THE… Read More >

Exempt or Not-Exempt: That is the Question and the Answers are Changing

The Department of Labor (DOL) is proposing changes to the federal regulations that deal with overtime pay, particularly regarding exempt and non exempt employees. An exempt employee (who must be primarily an executive, administrative or… Read More >

Michigan Cloud Tax Evaporates Somewhat, Refunds Could Follow

The Michigan Department of Treasury is now required to change  its tune with regard to remote access to software, commonly known as “cloud access” or “cloud software” In the recently adjudicated case Auto-Owners Ins. Co…. Read More >

Goodbye, Yellow Taxi

San Francisco is a town where people need rides. Between the population density on the island, the somewhat low per capita car ownership and the ubiquitous hills, hailing cabs has been a part of the… Read More >

Global Concerns, Local Impact: Automobile Issues in London, Delhi and Beijing

Pollution and congestion in Delhi, London and Beijing may have an impact on worldwide automobile demand and therefore production right here in Detroit. London has been limiting congestion in its center district for several years,… Read More >

Making a Decision about a Merger or Acquisition: What You Should Consider

Many times business owners are presented with an opportunity that can be fraught with wrong moves: whether to merge or acquire another business. Sometimes the business is a competitor and merging seems like a great… Read More >

The Real Estate Road Ahead: Signs to Notice

Real estate, especially in Southeast Michigan, has been a bit of a roller coaster affair. It can be difficult to determine if the market will continue to improve or continue to run amok. Here are… Read More >

Congressional Changes to Toxic Substances Control Act Receives Initial Bipartisan Support

In a rare move of bipartisan collaboration, the United States Senate has passed a new environmental bill, which is intended to address perceived deficiencies of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The TSCA was enacted… Read More >

Things Change and Things Stay the Same….Taxes in 2016:

While we don’t know the full impact of every last word of the Congressional budget, we have already been informed of several aspects of tax law that will change in 2016 and many things that… Read More >

IRS Scores a Win with Form 1023-EZ

Last summer, the Internal Revenue Service rolled out a new form, called 1023-EZ. Form 1023-EZ is a simplified, electronic application for non-profit tax exemption from federal income tax. The form was designed to be used… Read More >