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Preparing for Mediation: What Clients Should Know and Do

As I discussed in previous blogs (see the links below), very few cases make it to trial anymore. Instead, there has been a marked shift in the past twenty years to facilitate settlement through Alternative… Read More >

EBITDA: I Can’t Even Say It, Let Alone Understand It

EBITDA is a six letter acronym, bandied about during contemplation and negotiation of purchases and mergers. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization. EBITDA is often the gold standard by which interested parties… Read More >

Checklist for Purchasing Commercial Property

Purchasing commercial property is a big decision. People buy for two primary reasons: in order to inhabit the building as a commercial entity or for investment purposes. Whatever the reasons, it is important to ask… Read More >

November Tax To-Do List

November may seem like an unlikely time to think about your taxes, but it is actually a great time for a “check up” with your tax professionals, including tax attorneys and accountants for three good… Read More >

Choosing the Best Mediator for Your Case

As I discussed in a previous blog (Mediation: What Is It and When Should It Be Utilized?), very few cases go to trial. There has been a marked shift in the past twenty years to… Read More >

Fraud Alert, Part II: Prevention

Fraud can potentially cost your business a lot of money and hurt your reputation in the marketplace. In last week’s blog we discussed some of the most common fraudulent activities: check tampering, payroll tampering and… Read More >

Fraud: Eating at the Bottom Line

Fraud. It can do more damage to your business’ bottom line than unexpected utility price increases and even hikes in health care costs. But while most business owners fret about upticks in prices of commodities… Read More >

Classic Employer Pitfalls

As an employer, you have so many balls to keep in the air. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that staying on top of employment law becomes subservient to just trying to retain employees and… Read More >

Compassion and the Law: Vagrancy, Homelessness and Property Owners

The recent visit of Pope Francis to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. required a monumental effort by the cities’ leaders and rank and file in terms of preparation. Massive security details were implemented and… Read More >

No More Swiping: Credit Cards 2.0

If you’ve traveled to Europe, you may be aware that European credit and debit cards are more technologically advanced than many American credit cards, even cards issued from the very same financial institution. In fact,… Read More >