Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy, & Sadler PLC sponsored the Third Judicial Court and Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association’s 2017 Law Day Program and had two associates, Nina Abboud and Ryan Olson, attend as attorney volunteers to mentor high school students. Managing Member Ed Dawda made the announcement.

Dawda Mann’s contributions assisted in allowing the program to educate nearly 300 students from 13 Detroit public, private and charter high schools on the legal system and opportunities that exist in the legal profession and the court system. Abboud and Olson coached their respective team of high school students, working with them to prepare oral arguments and presentations, in which they then presented at the end of the day to the judges of the Wayne County bench.

Prior to the event, students were given the opportunity to participate in an essay contest where they were asked to argue whether a public high school is in violation of the First Amendment if it disciplines its students for off-campus bullying of other students via social media.

Law Day is a nationwide celebration of the rule of law, in recognition of how law and the legal process contribute to the freedoms that all Americans share. In total, the event had 20 sponsors, as well as volunteers, teachers, Third Judicial Circuit Court Judges and staff and leadership from the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association.

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