At Dawda Mann, we work closely with clients facing questions related to energy production, refinery, storage, transport, pipeline installation or transcontinental shipments to provide expert legal counsel to resolve these concerns in a manner that meets both regulatory requirements and our clients’ best business interests.

We also possess extensive experience assisting energy companies in corporate acquisitions, purchase of mineral rights and sale of energy. As an adjunct to the environmental practice group, Dawda Mann also calls upon the expertise of the firm’s real estate law and commercial real estate practice groups to maximize development opportunities for clients in the energy sector.

Our environmental practice group ensures that clients in the energy space operate in an environmentally sound manner that meets environmental health and safety goals. This includes not only reviewing our clients’ current operations, but also assisting in correcting and remediating historical conditions to ensure continuous corporate compliance.

In addition to the traditional oil and gas sectors, Dawda Mann has consulted clients in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable resources—such as wind, solar, biomass, used oil recycling and energy capture from agricultural and solid waste projects.