Did you know that some DEQ exposure pathways are on the chopping block? Ok, so chopping block may not be exactly right phrase, but at the Air & Waste Management Association’s November meeting, DEQ representative Lynelle Marolf mentioned that the DEQ is considering various changes including revising and combining some of the Part 201 exposure pathways so there will be fewer categories on the lookup tables.

The DEQ is thinking of making the drinking water pathway a “tap water” pathway (to be consistent with the EPA’s move in this direction). The DEQ’s rationale is that by focusing on “drinking water” rather than “tap water”, there are a number of exposures (such as misted water or hand washing) that aren’t factored in. A couple of other criteria that were referenced as being up for reconsideration are the groundwater to indoor air pathway and particulate inhalation pathway. Ms. Marolf also mentioned that the DEQ is considering soil gas levels as a replacement for indoor air criteria.

We’re keeping an on eye on this and will keep you posted.