All companies should have an appreciation of the issues associated with employee use of email, text messaging and social media. From acceptable use policies, to monitoring employee traffic to delivering effective training programs, we have the background and expertise to assist. Our goal is always to help our clients achieve best practice status.

Technology Licensing and Transfer

Our experiences and talented counsel represents clients in all facets of technology licensing and transfer—ensuring that all parties to these transactions have a clear understanding of the deal, and that it is properly documented.

Our representation spans the continuum of technology transfer transactions. We recommend early intervention to aid in developing an efficient and effective acquisition process. Well-defined objectives and expectations lead to full and accurate specifications. Full and accurate specifications lead to informed negotiations. Informed negotiations lead to comprehensive and unambiguous agreements. Comprehensive and unambiguous agreements lead to open and productive relationships. Open and productive relationships lead to deal satisfaction for all parties.

Our lawyers have practiced this philosophy in hundreds of technology transfer transactions. Our collective experience includes:

We represent clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups. We understand our clients’ businesses and the language of technology, and how the laws and regulations, new and old, apply to those businesses.

Re-purposing Industrial and Commercial Properties

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At 8:30 am Wednesday June 6th, we’re going to try something new: we will be live blogging a breakfast round-table discussion at the Tech Shop in Dearborn. The topic of the discussion is redeveloping and [...]

Live Blog: Re-purposing Industrial Facilities

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Good morning! Today we’re live blogging a panel discussion (see prior post for panelists) on redeveloping under-utilized industrial and commercial properties – a timely topic in the Metro Detroit area which has a large stock [...]

Interview – an Environmental Consultant’s Perspective on Industrial Property Reuse

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Today’s blog features an interview I had with Doug McDowell of McDowell & Associates regarding the increased focus on using abandoned industrial sites for business incubators in urban areas. Although these sites are attractive to [...]