Not all disputes require or merit going to trial in order to achieve a positive result. The attorneys at Dawda Mann are experts in identifying when alternatives to trial, such as mediation, facilitation and arbitration, will yield the desired benefits at a more favorable cost than a trial. Our goal is to pursue a strategy that makes the most sense for each individual client’s needs, and we help guide our clients to the option that will produce the greatest benefit for the fairest cost.


The attorneys of Dawda Mann are highly experienced in representing insurance companies and policy holders in a wide array of manners related to insurance coverage litigation, including:

Goodbye, Yellow Taxi

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San Francisco is a town where people need rides. Between the population density on the island, the somewhat low per capita car ownership and the ubiquitous hills, hailing cabs has been a part of the [...]

Choosing the Best Mediator for Your Case

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As I discussed in a previous blog (Mediation: What Is It and When Should It Be Utilized?), very few cases go to trial. There has been a marked shift in the past twenty years to [...]

Fraud Alert, Part II: Prevention

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Fraud can potentially cost your business a lot of money and hurt your reputation in the marketplace. In last week’s blog we discussed some of the most common fraudulent activities: check tampering, payroll tampering and [...]