Our expert team of experienced attorneys are available to counsel employers on the practical aspects of the employment relationship by creating employment policies, procedures, conducting compliance reviews, preparing employee handbooks, and providing advice on employee hiring, discipline, and termination, as well as preparing release and severance agreements when the employment relationship ends.

We also have the experience to work with our clients to train employees in employment relations and personnel matters as part of the strategy of avoiding legal claims and improving employee morale, the goal of which is to increase productivity and have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. Our training has covered almost every topic involved in the labor and employment relations area with some more popular sessions addressing the issues of sexual harassment, wage and hour, violence in the work place, application of critical employment policies and how to remain union free. We have found that training seminars for supervisors and mid to upper management is an effective method to help improve and sustain positive employee relations.

Congressional Changes to Toxic Substances Control Act Receives Initial Bipartisan Support

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In a rare move of bipartisan collaboration, the United States Senate has passed a new environmental bill, which is intended to address perceived deficiencies of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The TSCA was enacted [...]

Goodbye, Yellow Taxi

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San Francisco is a town where people need rides. Between the population density on the island, the somewhat low per capita car ownership and the ubiquitous hills, hailing cabs has been a part of the [...]

Classic Employer Pitfalls

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As an employer, you have so many balls to keep in the air. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that staying on top of employment law becomes subservient to just trying to retain employees and [...]